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Welcome! JR 205 Nambu Line NaHa 39 in Indonesia

Fasubkhanali (Ali)

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Fasubkhanali (Ali)

Welcome to Indonesia, JR 205 ex Nambu Line NaHa 39!

I represent the people of Indonesia, I want to say thank you to all Japanese people, especially to your childrens in Japan for the picture of JR 205. That's a good picture.  :)


post-3386-0-57120300-1452355931_thumb.jpg post-3386-0-63679500-1452355466_thumb.jpg post-3386-0-66029700-1452355478_thumb.jpg  post-3386-0-28964100-1452355495_thumb.jpg post-3386-0-16744800-1452355511_thumb.jpg post-3386-0-96359400-1452355452_thumb.jpg



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