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Mystery piece fell off my DE10

Takahama Trainwatcher

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Takahama Trainwatcher

Greetings all. I was starting on a decoder installation for my DE10 (Kato 7011-2).


As I carefully, gently started to remove the shell, a small black plastic part of length approximately 5 mm fell off. I'm stumped if I can work out where it belongs. If anyone can point me in the right direction for reattaching this part in the right location, I would appreciate that. The 3 attached photos show the part in question.







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Takahama Trainwatcher

Now that's what I call service. Many thanks.

As it appeared, I too was leaning towards it being something near the couplers. As a lighting board wedge, that might explain why I was forced to solder the decoder there in order to establish reliable electrical contact. Now I have to decide whether or not I put it back there.

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