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My Temporary Setups - Mostly Trains!


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It's a very beautiful train:


The Gold is really nice also and the shape of the Spacia always appeals to the mast when it runs. People will go like: "Hey look at that golden bullet train!' And you can say: "Sorry that's not a bullet train, it's a limited express train!'


our friend at MTP still has them, while many others like HS and Ami are out:




JR 500 - thanks for this post.  I generally don't like the gold color (it somehow seems soul-less), but OTOH I think this is the best livery for this train (at least so far).  I had asked David about it, but he said it was sold out, so I was glad to see you say that Nariichi still had some.  One is on the way to me now.

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It just came up for pre-order re-release yesterday.  It was very popular.  It is the only colour with a re-release.


Actually, it's a new release. It has a different logo from the older one:




The older logo - Red





New Logo - Blue



There's only a slight difference in the logo, and I think everything else is the same. The serial number is also different ~

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Gekko Type Limited Express Trains running session.  My most sophisticated setup yet with 3 terminals allowing for point to point operation.





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E233's with Solid Stripes running session:



We can never get enough of these E233s eh? It seems you have the Keiyo, Saikyo, Chuo and Keihin Tohoku... Pretty similar to my fleet of Keiyo, Chuo, Yokohama & Nambu ~

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I'm on the fence with the Nambu for it's funky color and the Tokaido with the double deck cars.  Trying to stay away from more JR East Contemporary Commuters but I might soon jump on the JR West Commuters as I recently got a 3 Car Series 225.  The Series 227 and 323 are really looking good to me right now.

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JR West commuters are another really amazing fleet... like the 321s, 221s, 223s, 225s, 227s etc... Plus there is a fun part that they joint together to run, like the 223s are coupled with the 221s and the 223s are also coupled to the 225s in actual running formations:



223 + 221 - this formation is quite unique, cause I have yet to see 2 cars of 223s coupled with 4 cars of 221s... usually they are 4 cars of 223 + 6 cars of 221, like this:



And there are the 223s + 225s:



These combination possibilities made running them really fun!  :)

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JR500 - thanks for tipping the scale ever so slightly towards acquiring more JR West commuter trains.  :)

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Series 0, 100 and 200 Shinkansen Running Session:




The Micro Ace Series 0 is beautiful. I almost don't mind the gap between the cars because the car end details is so nicely done.  Now, I'm having thoughts of getting the full 16 car set.  




The Tomix Series 200 Unit F has to be one of the coolest looking trains, it looks like it's wearing wrap around shades. :)

I'm hoping Tomix will re-release the K47 in the Revival Livery to add to my 200 collection.





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Mini Shinkansen Night: E3's and 400's.  Yes, I'm aware of the E6 and I'm still trying to make myself like it.  :)





I'm still on the hunt for that elusive E3-1000 Old Tsubasa Color either Kato or Tomix.

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Tokai Type EMU's - Commuter and Suburban Trains Running Session:


7 - Series 115's and 1 - Series 415, 3 are Kato and 5 are Tomix.  Can you spot the Kato's and the lone 415?




I have a couple of hours in the evening a couple of nights a week after the baby goes to sleep and I can do a couple of different things:

a.) Apply detail parts

b.) Plan and build a module

c.) Run trains


I always choose C - run trains! :)

Those are all perfect sized trains to run on the AsiaNrail layout,  hope you will be bringing some of those with you to Los Altos.  

The platforms on my Junction module are sized for a 3 car length and I do also have one of the 115 sets in JR Nagano colors.  The platform on my Musashi-Koyama modules is sized for 5 car length.  I often run shortened versions of longer trains on the layout.

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Fabulous thread which I have just read through.

very impressive and lovely presentation of the models for those of us who hanker after certain ones without seeing them in the flesh.

would it be rude to ask just how many model trains you have? :) 

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Hi Buckingham, thanks for the kind words. No, asking is not rude at all - let's just say I have over a hundred sets and have lost count after that.  I'm proud to say that I can account for most if not all my trains as I always take them out and run at least 4-6 trains every couple of days.  That's the beauty of the Kato Unitrack and Tomix Fine Track systems as you can set something up, pull trains out of their cases and running in a matter of minutes.  Instant gratification!  :)

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Really like your attitude! I wish I was as good at playing with all my trains, you are an inspiration to do better!





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I'm able to play with my trains because that's my primary focus but I know others folks distribute their time on the many other aspects of the hobby that is more enjoyable for them.  Jeff, I know you got a hundred projects going at once.   :)

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I'm able to play with my trains because that's my primary focus ..........  :)



Yeah but playing with trains is important!


A good motif

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I was inspired to take out the V13 Set by another member's post and do a JR West Running Session.  A little more work to setup and take down but it was worth the effort to be able to run 3 trains at once, 2 Shinkansens on the viaduct and 1 commuter train below. Next time 4 trains!




Commuter Trains: Kato 223 and Tomix 225


Shinkansens: Kato W7, Tomix 700 Railstar, Tomix 500 and Micro Ace 0


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JRF Running Session: Junior's JRF Freight and Loco Depot - Freight service is slow right now but whenever it does pick up or we acquire more freight cars, we have the locomotive power ready.  Yes, I am aware that the locomotives outnumber the number of freight cars.  :)




The DE10 is the only one without the JRF logo so I'm not really sure if it belongs here but it's one of my favorite locomotives.  I think I've seen it hauling freight on youtube, not sure though.





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