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Happy 2016 everyone!


Old news now, but Kyoto Tango Railway, known as Kitakinki Tango Railway before the operational takeover by Willer Bus, has refurbished one of its KTR8000 series express DMU sets with styling by the one and only Mitooka Eiji.  This follows the refurb of 4 (I think) of the KTR700 local DMUs.  Service began November 13th.  Includes the Alfa Romeo style grill/emblem/ornament from DF200-7000 (btw off topic but did anyone else know that JR Kyushu numbered this thing 7000 not 7001?)






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Wow this KTR is MUCH better looking than the older one, and I do wish they will have a model for this too!  :)


Haha ... Never predicted this:




So I guess I gotta start collecting the KTR 8000s....

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So I guess I gotta start collecting the KTR 8000s....


And if you get them, maybe you should start collecting northern Kinki rolling stock in general, so might as well get one of those 225-6000 sets too :grin


edit: oh and some buses :grin :grin

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