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World Kogei Tokai KiYa 97

Das Steinkopf

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When it rains it pours......so many models coming out that I want/need for my layout.....so little cash....must resist preorder, must resist...........

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I have a friend building a World-Craft-Company-JR-Tokai-KIYA-Series-97-2-Cars-Set-768490 in N Gauge for me. He is assembling the cabs but says there is no glazing.


Can anyone advise if this is the case and if so how the model should be glazed?



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I'll check mine when I get home, but I kinda remembered seeing it in there and the HS pict shows it. Looks like no side door window glazing as I expect those come out to allow crew to hang out the window for better views.



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So I took all the parts out and could not find any plastic glazing for the side door windows. The instructions make it sound like you just use any thin glazing you have. Actually the clear plastic box material the kit comes in is perfect! I've got a box of this I've salvaged out of various packaging over the years of various thincknesses. Or a sheet of plain old acetate from the office supply store will do it. Just make sure to glue in place with either plastic glazing glue (meant for clear windows and canopies) or plastic glue, not acc. Acc fumes from your joint will haze the clear plastic and this can continue for a good time after dry as well!


I'll open my second one to see if I just dropped the little square of acetate if they provided it, but I think they just mean you to use a bit of the box.


The front window and lights are cast clear stryene, there are two small pouches with the sets for each cab in them. If you are missing this it will probably require contacting world kougei to see if you can get spare parts like this. I expect they have a stash as I could see folks loosing or damaging parts easily! But don't know.


I took some time looking at the parts and assembly of the unit and it's done very nicely! They even give little plastic forming parts for some of the etched metal bits, like the window frame with windshield wipers, to get the right shape! It's got great detail! Looking forward to getting the long rail kiya 97 soon (I broke down the other night!) as it looks to have even more detail!





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I started clipping and cleaning parts but put it aside as it was going to be a bit more work than I had spare time for. Not complicated assembly but it is a time consuming model.



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I'm a little late to this post, but I spotted three items of interest on the HobbySearch page.


Plasser 07-32 Multiple Tie Ballast Tamper w/o motor (Lemke PN 5123510)



Plasser 07-32 Multiple Tie Ballast Tamper with motor (Lemke PN 5123501)



Plasser 3-car set flat wagon (Lemke PN H23809)



I also see Jeff has a review at http://www.japanrailmodelers.org/pages/reviews/lemketamper.html

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