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Greetings from New Jersey USA

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My name is Woody I live in the state of New Jersey in the USA.

70 years old and always interested in model railroading N Gauge is my choice of trains. I watch a channel called NHK

on my TV- Japanese programming that is interesting and informative beyond anything I have ever seen on TV. 

I always try to watch the Train programs which are really incredible the Japanese Bullet trains are beautiful to look at,

One day I will visit Japan and take in all of the Trains for the time of my life. I am now ready to build an N Gauge train

layout and hopefully keep all here informed.

I also have a personal website where I sell all types of collectibles

Visit my site and tell me what you think



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Welcome to the forum Woody. I hope you have fun!!!

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This is the layout that I am proposing to build

sorry I am not an artist, this will be a 2 layer plan

2 1/2 by 4 feet



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Woody (that was my father's name, don't hear it much!)


Welcome to the forum, glad you found us! Love nhk here too!


At 2.5x4' that's going to be pretty tight radiuses needed for this plan. Also you will have very steep grades in those short of runs to get up 2" or so for the second level and many trains can't do them, especially with tight radius curves as well. What trains are you planning on running on it? Have you looked at using any of the track planning software to fiddle with some ideas quickly with know sized pieces of Track?


Unfortunately it's tough to get a lot in on a 2.5'x4' size, so you have to be targeted in what will fit and what trains will run on it. You can pack a lot in with a small layout like this if you use the Btrain shorties, but they are truncated trains that are not prototypical length and some don't like them.







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Thanks for this information

as you can see I am a newbee and will be very careful about

gathering information before starting my layout your input is invaluable

As a reference my middle name is Woodrow shortened to Woody and used for more than

60 years, my Mom hated that nickname and refused to use it.


Click on the little photo for movement GIF

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