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● VHS urethane for video case (tentative name-reference exhibit)

This is urethane for VHS video case that has become a reference exhibit at the moment.

"2-Car Set" of the finished product model series of GREENMAX I has entered the principle VHS video case, but if you put together the hematopoiesis set the basic set in book cases, such as CASCO, left over an empty VHS video case phenomenon go occurs. Undue importance Let since reused for storage not even throw away, this urethane was born with that.

It is very fine cuts are placed, but this is the result of the elaborate attempt so that it can hold a variety of N gauge vehicle by way of the cut-out!

Has been released from KATO JR Hokkaido Kiha 201 system (3-Car Set) is to enter the VHS video case.

MICRO has been released from ACE E491 system of JR East "East iE" (3-Car Set) has entered into VHS video case!

Has been released from KATO Kumoha 42 (M · T) + Kuhayuni 56 Iida (3-Car Set) has entered!

And, up to this point it is an example of accommodating the common length of trains and railcars of JNR and JR of conventional lines.
But surprise is I still early.

Rainy day Enoden three storage!

Rainy day EH10, EH500, articulated electric locomotive three storage of EH200!

Three storage to match the low-floor type tram with different length to each of the body length!

Railways and the South Expressway to accommodate the rail of the rail bus to pinpoint!
Even go biaxial wagons and B Train Shorty that?

Omakeni also different bus lengths and vehicle height would housed six! !

There are so many storage method is one of the urethane.
This would be to say that there is very versatile!


Original:- http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/blog/151107

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Interesting, been thinking about doing this for a while, but getting the right urethane foam is the tough thing here! the clear video cassets are still around pretty cheap here in the states.


The vhs cases work very well, I have a few models from small companies that use them. Great for the various tomytec offerings and btrains!



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You can still get the clear VHS cases in 5 packs in dollar shops here in Australia.  I was also thinking for Tomytec.  But also for taking all the engines out of their single jewel cases and into one big case.  First time I've seen cases for EH engines.

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But is there any protection for the side of the model that hits against the front of the VHS box? I don't my trains with paintwork damage.


I think it's better to use non-transparent VHS cases, because transparent ones will let through sunlight which eventually may discolour the paint on your models. Not that I think I have any VHS cases still lying around though...

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If the inserts are done properly the cars don't bang on the front, but there is the same issue with the regular sized cases as they don't have foam on the front side either. These are just mini versions of the big cases. You could use the bubble wrap like kato or the thin plastic film to put around the cars like some Tomix to make them stick in really well and give some padding (and easier thing to grab to pull cars out).


UV is not a huge worry uses you were to leave the case out face up in sunlight. Still better than trains out on the layout with any sunlight getting in there with no UV treatment on the windows. Plastic will help some (most cases like this have some uv absorbing qualities built into them) but most of the time the cases would be on the shelf and the exposed front would be against the case in front of it so protected from light damage. This case is no different that almost all the cases US trains are shipped in -- small clear plastic boxes. Also better than using the tomytec boxes the trains come in where the trains really flop around in and have only a very thin sheet of acetate on the front.



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But is there any protection for the side of the model that hits against the front of the VHS box? I don't my trains with paintwork damage.

All your Tomix and MicroAce models have been removed from their cases and put into aftermarket cases?

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Easy remedy would be to add some small pads of foam glued onto the front of the cover to contact the trains and keep them pushed against the back. but good cutouts should not have an issue with this really. Unless you were to really shake the box!


ive really wanted to find the very supple (i think) polyethylene film that tomix used on some models (Like the E4) to put around cars when you slip them into the cases. it helps wedge them in there firmly w/o horrid scraping on the harder foam inserts and you can so nicely pull on the film to evenly and cleanly remove the cars w/o having to pry on the car sides/ends with your fingernails! but not been able to find it yet! needs to be something archival that will not degrade around any paints and wont react with the paints and stick!



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Tomix cases ususlly come with the instruction sheets in platic foil. If you leave this as is it's a pretty soft top cover and the paper inside is good padding.

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Wow.. It's VERY hard to get VHS cases here in Sillypore... And it wouldn't be cost effective to ship them in... They do act was a good alternative to Tomytec railway collection cases. Clean, tidy, neat, easy to see and easy to store...

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