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Was a rare oportunity to visit those vehicles only 2 days 10/10 and 10/11, inside have a pictures to how was build and some new papers saying about the new tech for future shinkansen trains, i was alowed for only 1 minute in the drive seat :(


The 300X JRCentral later 700 Series, STAR21 JREast E2, E3 and WIN350 JRWest 500 Series are all experimental vehicles that were used to test high-speed technology for future shinkansen. Not only are these trains on display, but visitors can actually go inside them.



edit: i upload all the pics from my quick visit there so enjoy :D












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I wonder was the success of the duckbill nose design on the original 700 Series Shinkansen from 1997 explainsgs why JR East used an improved version of that duckbill nose design for the E5 and E6 Shinkansen that can currently run up to 320 km/h (with an eventual goal of 360 km/h by 2020).

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Yes, duckbill was to mainly allow faster speeds when entering and exiting tunnels to pierce the air pressure gradients there with less noise and schock.



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