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Yet another KIHA40-based joyful train, looks quite good although I think my favorite is still JR Shikoku's Iyonada Monogatari.  This is the Hanayome Noren, intended for limited express sightseeing service on the Nanao Line, which will begin October 3rd.  The livery is meant to look like the lacquerware from Wajima, a city on the northwest side of the Noto Peninsula.







good video of August 23rd open day at Kanazawa Depot, this train is featured at 6:00:


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Kiha48?  Only has driver cab at one end of car.

To be precise: KiHa 48 4 + KiHa 48 1004, according to the article miyakoji linked to in the first post.

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Yeah sorry I meant to include the exact car numbers but I forgot. I don't often think specifically of 40, 47, and 48, I just lump them all together.

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