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SCARM library upgrade

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While looking at the data files of SCARM, i discovered that it uses a simple text based format. Interestingly the library format is very similar, so it's possible to create new libraries and add new tracks to existing ones using a simple text editor. (like notepad)


I would like to upgrade the Tomix library in SCARM, but i don't have much information about all the existing track types available, so i would like to ask everyone who is willing to help to gather all the missing pieces for the Tomix track types.


What is needed:

-name of the track (like S140)

-catalog number (1021)

-geometry of the track (length or angle and radius)

-both geometries for compound tracks (like double track pieces)


The new library will be posted here and also submitted to the SCARM team for review.

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JR 500系



Thank you kvp san for initialising this! I was waiting for the updated Tomix library for more help on my layout.


I'll try to see what I can contribute, and will post them here. Cheers!

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Not sure if there's another SCARM thread floating about, but anyway I see the latest release notes that the Kato N Unitrack library is updated.


In other news I was able to get it to run on OS X under WINE, though as for Linux the 3D view doesn't work.

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