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JR Freight and Aeon team up to run dedicated train

bikkuri bahn

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bikkuri bahn

Big box retailer/supermarket behemoth Aeon and JR Freight will be running a dedicated freight train from the latter half of July to the beginning of August, just before the Obon season when freight traffic reaches a high volume. Citing a lack of truck drivers restraining road haulage capacity, Aeon has opted for rail haulage of some of its products, mainly those of its private brand Top Value, which is manufactured by third party companies. 


The train will run during this period every Sunday, departing from either Tokyo Freight Terminal or Kudara Freight Terminal in Osaka around midnight, and arriving at the other terminal early in the morning.  Each train will be hauling 120 12ft containers each loaded with 5tons of cargo.  Though single customer dedicated trains are not rare (e.g. Toyota Longpass), dedicated trains with multiple manufacturers cooperating together (Aeon and its suppliers) are not common.





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