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KLISHESHIMA, my cliché of rural japan

Carlos Filipe

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Carlos Filipe

I started this layout quite a while but not continuously, so the project goes slow. I will exhibit it next month and still have some details to tackle with...

I'm not going to bother you with research photos, you're all familiar with rural lines in Japan.

I initially designed the layout with tighter curve radius to keep the size small (800 X 400mm). But when I started building it I felt tempted to enlarge a little bit. Now it measures 1050mm long. Forgot to check the dimensions of my apartment building elevator, now I'll have to go down 3 flights of stairs for just 50mm...


The construction is done with insulating foam boards 30mm thick.

I covered this base with laminated Das Pronto clay.






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Carlos Filipe

Made a croocked tree with wire and solder to "plant" it on top of the rock outcrop




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Carlos Filipe

I felt the mountains to be not dramatically  enough so I raised them using insulating foam un spray. It is visible on some photos the addition I made as  the old contour is the one where bare rock visible. The addition was painted black as I intended to represent the thick forest with clumps of moss.

I was looking for a scenic effect where the line seems to go up and down on very rugged terrain. So I carved a deep gorge for a river and a canyon where the line barely has space to fit. By hiding part of the line, I think I succeeded in creating the impression of a bigger area than it really is. 







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Carlos Filipe

After a false star with the forest canopy, a friend of mine helped me to find the way, so I could proceed with the scenery.

The layout is encased in a very light box, built with 3mm plywood.

Too fragile though. I'm not going to use so flimsy material for layouts this size. 

I mounted 2 circular fluorescent lamps inside and the lamps weigh more than the box itself...

Now is sagging.













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Wow! That looks fabulous! Amazing what can be done in such a small space. Thanks for sharing.



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Carlos Filipe

It is nothing more than an oval with a staging yard under the mountain...

Initially I though to build the station with 2 tracks, but that would require additional 200mm, I felt that it wasn't worth it.

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Looks great! It gives off a kind of dreamy atmosphere that I like.

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Carlos Filipe

The red foot bridge is a kit from Greenmax # 47-5. The box has more useful stuff. 

The rail bridge is Greenmax 2111

The track is Peco. To avoid lots of scratch building , I glued strips of plastic with cigarette aluminium foil wrapping that has a texture resembling thread metal plate. Under I glued short pieces of strip to replicate the close together ties, typical on bridges.

The Layout is N scale



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The blasphemy - using flextrack ;-)


Very fine layout Carlos.


Very European presentation style, in the spirit of Christopher Payne.


Based on the background in the photos, you have quite a few other projects in larger scales.

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Wonderful little layout! Excellent scenery and detail! Kudos!





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Carlos Filipe

Sadly I'm a "diletant". I have too many projects lined up and if not enough I start many at the same time.

The I get lost and production rate goes down.

I even created within the group Modelismo in facebook a special feature I called Kitaholics. It is an attempt to motivate each others to build and finish the darn projects. It last for 3 month and the objective is to finish at least 3 projects per quarter of the year. It's going on kitaholics 2.






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This is really good. I'm a sucker for nice and interesting scenery, which this has in abundance!

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It's like a delicious impressionist painting, but more realistic and in 3D and moving. Very nice framing as well.

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I do hope you photographed the whole building process to send into One of the N scale magazines... Even the ones in North America sometime look a little hard up for content.

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Fabulous layout. I love the mountains and the vegetation. All it needs is a small fog machine operating at a show

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This is a really nice layout. It's amazing what can be accomplished in such a small space.

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