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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, @cteno4/Jeff has very kindly informed me that I am allowed to post a thread about my Youtube channel - "SuperAzusa". The Japanese railways bug bit me hard on my last trip to Japan. I arrived at Narita airport in 2019 with nothing, but left with a KATO E259, N700a, and, of course, an E351 Super Azusa. Since then I have wished to have a creative outlet relating to this new fascination that we all share. (I also wished to put to use the white gloves I purchased when leaving the Railway Museum in Omiya to good use. "Pointing and calling" at traffic lights/the microwave/my wife/nothing in particular doesn't do it for me anymore.) I of course tried my hand at the Densha De GO!! Arcade game that is currently in vogue in Japan, and wanted to try more. This naturally led me to the 2004 PC game Densha De GO!! FINAL, and this has become the foundation of my channel's content. I now post guides and cinematic videos of the routes/diagrams in DDG FINAL, but eventually I would like to create content similar to SHIGEMON, in English, with reviews etc of various N-scale products, and about Japanese railways in general. And sometimes I'd like to post some humourous stuff too. The kind of in-jokes that us here on the JNS forum would get and enjoy. I would very much appreciate it if you would consider subscribing to me. Full disclosure - if I get 100 subs, I can get a custom URL for my channel, which is partly my motivation for posting this. (URL currently looks like this - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwW5kdhnt1h47GP3zvb0rJw Eww!) However, you should only subscribe if you would like to see such content in your Youtube feed (and I hope you do.) If you really like my content, consider sharing with your friends. I've also been told that the videos sometimes have an ASMR-esque quality to them if you put them on in the background. Maybe my driving of a 201 Series between Kyoto and Takatsuki can help you sleep. Who knows! My latest video at the time of writing - Playlist of all my current DDG FINAL content - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBl1jNp6bzVsRIOwHmxhGDKPpMYxU-Xy2 I hope this is content that the forumites here can enjoy. I hope if you actually play DDG FINAL yourself, you'll find my guides useful. Lastly, if I can improve my content in any way whatsoever, please let me know. Whether that be due to me rendering my videos awfully or forgetting to honk at the tunnels around Yotsuya station, I would very much appreciate it. Thank you! - Dan
  2. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBAINwAGzZRUX6EH_n1hvqg Fukuoka City Subway own youtube channel. Includes behind-the-scenes videos: 1980s documentaires about the Hakozaki and the Kuko Line construction: Operation and Train start-ups: How about a PV on the Nakanuma Line? And much more!
  3. This is probably basic advice to long-standing members, but fellow newbs may be interested to know that I found a galaxy of content on Youtube when I pasted the Japanese transliteration of terms such as b-train shorty ( B-トレインショーティー ) and Plarail ( プラレール ) into the Youtube search field. All in Japanese of course, but still fun to watch with informative demonstrations.
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