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Found 7 results

  1. kevsmiththai


    I'd started to put bits of this on the 'What did you do on your layout today' thread but thought I'd split it off as I'm going to run a shadow thread on trainboard and modelrailforum as well as the layout develops. So the back story is that my current most popular Z layout is 'Republic Steel', Uniquely because Steelworks and blast furnaces look very similar the world over can be run either as USA 1950's, USA late 90's, Railblue era British or Showa steam era Japanese! Now I have had to ration the show appearances of this layout otherwise I would be out every weekend.
  2. Hey, can anyone here share some photos of their Tenshodo HO 1:87 JR500 shinkansen that'd be great! I don't own one my self and I can't find a whole lot on it. I would like to know if its possible to insert a DCC decoder or at least wire one in. Please post a photo of the motor compartment if their is one and I would like to see some more pictures of it in general, or just take a video of it running.
  3. Hi all. Just posted the review i have done on the available freight stock in Z by the three major players in the field. Starting with the Showa era 4 wheel wagons before moving on to the modern image container wagons and tank cars In a future video I'm going to look at some light weathering of some of the stock and also take a look at coaching stock when I have a few more to review (I only have Tenshodo one at present) So far then I have done C62s, D51s, DE10s and DD51s. Must get a C57! video at
  4. I hope this is a good way to get the word out. Stout Auctions (stoutauctions.com) has an online auction coming up on Nov 7 that has a bunch of HO JNR Brass included. Tenshodo, etc. I sold my Tenshodo HO stuff last year after having it sit in boxes for 40 years. Anyhow, I have bought O gauge stuff at Stout Auctions. Unlike Ebay, this is a live auction, with unlimited bidding. Slick interface shows bids real time. If you're interested, pre-register. The bidding goes fast. Watch some bidding before your lot comes up. This is not an advertisement. I'm only posting this because much of what I sold
  5. The standard rule of thumb for working with Japanese model trains from what I read in the forums is to never exceed 12 volts, does this only apply for N scale J-trains or does this also apply for HO scale J-trains as well? If so, then I might have some trouble finding a DCC system that is compatible with North American models and J-models.
  6. For fans of JNR era express dmus (count me as one), Tenshodo is releasing a new production of kiha 58 railcars (and associated types), fitted with quantum sound. Release this summer, prices TBD. http://www.tenshodo.co.jp/models/product/release/kiha58_p/tabid/879/Default.aspx Also, Kato is doing a reissue of their kiha 58 series, I'll certainly pick up a couple, especially the kiro 28, I don't have that one yet. (also this summer) http://www.katomodels.com/ho/kiha28_58/ quantum sound on a Tenshodo kiha 52: *I like the idling sound, not so crazy about the sound when running th
  7. Tenshodo will be doing another run of their plastic ef57 passsenger locomotive due "sometime" this autumn. pre-production sample (retail price TBD): http://www.tenshodo.co.jp/models/product/release/ef57_p/tabid/849/Default.aspx previous run: http://www.tenshodo.co.jp/models/museum/el/ef56_812_tohoku/tabid/598/Default.aspx *35000 yen in 2008, which is reasonable. I really wish Tenshodo (or Tramway) would do an EF15 freight type, much more versatile loco for smaller layouts, but I suppose not glamourous enough for the deep-pocketed collectors. Must be the same reason Kato never re
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