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Found 5 results

  1. Kiha66

    Sam's first diorama attempt

    Hello all! I have been inspired by all the wonderful work that has been posted here over the past year, so while I have a few days off I am attempting to build a display of my own. I figure that a small display is the best way to try my hand at learning how to actually build something other than a loop of unitrack. I've really enjoyed the tiny layout modules (like http://space.geocities.jp/popoya2008/menu.html), so I hope to practice the process on this display. Here is what I have so far.
  2. Terangeree

    Little Display

    Someone else's idea gave me an idea to emulate it, as the small Tomytec station I bought a couple of years ago in Hiroshima was going unused and apparently unloved. My effort isn't as flash as the original, but I have added more buildings beside the station, used slightly different paving and walls and added advertising signs (mostly election posters). The scratchbuilt house has a rudimentary interior, with the floor plans taken from Kyoto real estate listings online. A second, much smaller house (smaller, in fact, than my own home's living room), is yet to be scratchbuilt with a visible interior.
  3. GetNewDesign

    That Japanese Diorama Video is now Live!

    Hi everyone, I originally posted in December 2014, asking for assistance on a live-action video ad for a Japanese client of ours that required several realistic dioramas to be built. See original post here: http://www.jnsforum.com/community/topic/9496-calling-all-experienced-model-makers-large-japanese-diorama/ I am pleased to announce that the video is now online for all of you to see! Thanks so much for all the help & direction this forum provided me back in December 2014. I just wanted to let you know that we have now built the models and shot them all, edited and uploaded the video online. The 70 secs ad was shot in London using miniature models painstakingly created by our team of model makers. (It took them 5 weeks to build 5 different sets) The actual shoot took 5 days and the entire video was shot on 16mm film. We wanted to use traditional film cameras to give the video a sense of nostalgia that you can only achieve with a real film grain. Here is the link to our Youtube video that we posted over the weekend: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJMyNJ5k8e8 Would love to hear any feedback from the forum about the video!
  4. Hi. Im thinking of making a 1.5m by 0.8m table layout in my house for my brother as a present and am having some trouble, cause this is my first time and I have no experience. I got a few questions to ask you guys. Thanks in advance! 1. I have the tracks, trains, buildings etc but I want to make a layout part countryside part town. So, I want to make my train tracks look rusty and dirty, however, how do I do that? Paint? 2. I want to make a base to put all the tracks and buildings on top, with fake grass and trees etc. But what material should I use to nake the base? 3. I want the countryside scene to have a water body like a lake but I don't know how to make the fake water thingy. 4.I also want to make a farmland but I don't know how. Should I hot glue gun the fake grass and plants? 5.in the town part of the layout, I will put a few modern buildings but I don't know how to make roads....I thought of buying road plates but it looks very unnatural. 6. Lastly, I was thinking about making the edges of the base of the diorama lije a cliff or a hill but im not sure how :( Any tips and advice will be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  5. There's a very large layout in a building next to JRW's Saga Arashiyama station where D51 1 is on static display. Amongst many interesting sights and activities are the cabs of EF66 59 and EF66 54, which have their controls tied into the layout; visitors can then drive one of the models. This video is by YT uploader shuuuji. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-IlVmTKvb4 http://www.sagano-kanko.co.jp/dioramakj/
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