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  1. I have a question regarding the light functionality for these trains, I have read from 1 source (and I could only find 1 source) that the light functionality on car 11 is not correct (that both red and white light regardless of driving direction). Can someone (preferably someone that actually owns these trains) shed some light on this issue? Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone, As announced from a short time, the sunrise express is approaching in HO. Here is the Tomix page for this train : http://www.tomytec.co.jp/tomix/menu/index_hojoho.htm As I have ordered two full set, I'll show them there when they arrive. Cheers! Nicolas
  3. Hello, I thought it might be a good idea to have a thread dedicated to adding DCC to HO models. Thought I'd put it in the HO section, rather than the DCC section as it's dedicated to HO. I have been building a small collection of HO stock for several years now, in preparation for when I can eventually build a layout to run them on. Although it's still likely to be some time before I can build a layout, it would be nice to know how to dcc models, especially as quite a number of Japanese models are not at all dcc friendly! To get the ball rolling, I recently purchased a second hand Kato de10. When I put it on the rollers to test it, the lights came on but the motor didn't run, so I took the body off to investigate, and was surprised to find an 8 pin dcc socket on the pcb. As space it tight in the model, to fit a dcc chip I would remove the weight from the body, under the long bonnet, to allow space for the chip. I would stick a small piece of card to the chassis, on the silver coloured area at the bottom of the photo, to ensure the chip will sit clear of the mechanism. The wires will need to be arranged so not to get in the way of the LED, and the plug simply inserted into the socket. I have not yet installed a chip, but will post some step by step photo's when I eventually do. Please feel free to add your own advice for other models, it would be good to have a 'catalog' of dcc installs, especially for those of us with little or no knowledge about these things.
  4. While looking at the data files of SCARM, i discovered that it uses a simple text based format. Interestingly the library format is very similar, so it's possible to create new libraries and add new tracks to existing ones using a simple text editor. (like notepad) I would like to upgrade the Tomix library in SCARM, but i don't have much information about all the existing track types available, so i would like to ask everyone who is willing to help to gather all the missing pieces for the Tomix track types. What is needed: -name of the track (like S140) -catalog number (1021) -geometry of the track (length or angle and radius) -both geometries for compound tracks (like double track pieces) The new library will be posted here and also submitted to the SCARM team for review.
  5. Gordon Werner

    Tomix special event cars

    TOMIX Yokohama model railroad Festa 2016 event ■EF60形電気機関車(19号機・やすらぎ色)     会場販売価格 ¥7200(税込) ■ヨ8000形(グリーン)2軸貨車セット  (ヨ8693・ワム380140・ワム287419)     会場販売価格 ¥4200(税込) ■オリジナルデザインコンテナ貨車(ネイビー)     会場販売価格 ¥1700(税込) ■オリジナルデザインコンテナ貨車(ライトグレー)     会場販売価格 ¥1700(税込) details: http://www.tomytec.co.jp/tomix/menu/index_event.htm event info: http://www.festa-yokohama.jp/
  6. Morning all I am looking into building a railway using Tarumi rolling stock. I have done a bit of a search and some stuff has appeared ,map, some vids. Does anyone know if a book has been produced and what would be the best place for photos. Thanks DD
  7. Wich voltage output do Tomix or Kato use? Is the direct home current (110v or 220v) or there is a transformer wich reduces output voltage?
  8. Does anyone have this Tomix cleaning track? Based on the video it looks like it's actually effective. http://www.tomytec.co.jp/tomix/products/n/6415.htm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Adta7kuIwYE
  9. Socimi

    TOMIX E231-500

    Starting from a TOMIX 3-car Yamanote Line E231-500 set (code 90146) what expansion set do i need to obtain a realistical composition (11 cars) ?
  10. Ciao, At last - having been to Italy for two weeks - I got it. It looks nice but is kinda puzzling. Il put my question adding pics hoping someone will be able to help me (God bless japanese "writings"). PIC 2693: ON/OFF are clear, of course!!! Then: what is CL POWER position (on the switch on the roof)? Close to it (at left) there's something that LOOKS LIKE AN OIL TANK CAP, correct? There's a given oil ti be used? further at left WHAT'S THAT PIC 2695: there's a "correct runnong position" looking at the car as in picture? PIC 2697: is the (sort of) "rubber sweeping tool" in correct position? THX! Francesco
  11. The latest RM Modeler magazine has a report on the JAM convention, and I noticed something that may interest HO modelers- a full size operational HO scale layout. This blog has some pictures: http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/sihowme31/archive/2014/08/22 It replicates the Choshi Dentetsu in Chiba Pref. namely the area around the Yamasa Soy Sauce Plant. It's a tail chaser, but note how the factory buildings provide an effective scene divider. Also note the Tomix display layout, which also uses trees and vegetation to provide a screen to make the layout appear larger and avoid the toy train "round and round" look. Also effective is the use of slight curves rather than tangent track. I think the Tomix layout has been displayed before, and is part of ongoing sales promotion.
  12. mattdwnunder

    TOMIX Kiha 46

    Can anyone advise on the destination boards that the modeller is to fit to Tomix's Kiha 46 set (92180)? I have fitted the other extras but it would be helpful to know what destinations are referred to, which way they should be fitted and which way up they should go. It would also be helpful to learn a little more about the number and other decals or transfers that do on the side and front. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Vato

    Tomix Bus System

    Hi, what is difference in between tomix bus system set A-1 and A-2?
  14. NEX-989

    Tomix E7 preorder start

    The preoder for the Tomix E7 Shinkansen has started @ 1999.co.jp http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10254818 3 car set http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10254824 12 car set Release is scheduled for March 2014 Order quickly unless your waiting for the Kato one like me ;-)
  15. Sinus

    Tomix viaduct station

    Hi, I am just wondering if it is possible to build 6 track viaduct station by using standard Tomix viaudct elements. Both ends of the station should end with double track. The track scheme I expect to be sth. like this: Island platforms are located between two most outer tracks. Tomix viaduct parts I found are: 3066 (for turnouts), 3062 (for 55.5mm track space) and 3061 (for 37mm track space). Any ideas? I guess I saw something similar on one of the videos posted in our forum but can't find it any more. Cheers, Sinus
  16. Sinus

    What is tomix T-car?

    Can sb. enlighten me? There are M-cars (motorized) and sometimes T-cars. See, e.g., http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10057441 Thanks,
  17. Hey guys im new to Japanese N Scale so excuse me for my lack of knowledge i've read some threads here about DCC but i couldnt find one that would help me wiring the Directional Headlights of my Tomix N700 and Kato E5 using only one decoder per shinkansen being installed into the motorized car! i dont have any idea at all how to do this :icon_scratch: but im sure that one of you guys has succesfully done this before! thank you in advance for your suggestions
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