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  1. At the recent InnoTrans 2014, JR East had a driving simulator for the E5 at their booth, all of the cab displays were converted to English.
  2. Guest

    Old Man Thunder

    So, I had killed some time in Saijo City on my way to Takamatsu. Caught some nice looking and rather rare trains at JR Iyo-Saijo when I decided to hit the Saijo train barn. While looking at the display case of the little train museum, I noticed a book in romaji and was easily able to read and comprehend it. I was dead certain, that after two and a half week in Japan, my second trip to Japan in six months, that I was finally reading Japanese (although romaji) without even thinking about it. Sadly, did I learn, it was actually in English. Grabbed a snap shot of the open page and went on
  3. More, including the economic reasons for retirement: http://ajw.asahi.com/article/behind_news/social_affairs/AJ201406060010
  4. Posted this on another forum, thought some here may be interested. Testing within the confines of the Kumamoto General Rolling Stock Depot. There will be an official press debut on the 19th of this month.
  5. Posted by Dave Fossett on the jtrains list, Tetsudou Fan is carrying this also: new fleet livery: http://railf.jp/news/2014/03/04/171500.html "Toreiyu" excursion train: http://railf.jp/news/2014/03/04/173000.html pdf on JR East's site with diagram of excursion train's modified Japanese style interior: http://www.jreast.co.jp/press/2013/20140303.pdf All regular services trains will have the new livery by the end of 2016, and the single 6-car Toreiyu set is to be in service by the end of July.
  6. NEX-989

    Tomix E7 preorder start

    The preoder for the Tomix E7 Shinkansen has started @ 1999.co.jp http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10254818 3 car set http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10254824 12 car set Release is scheduled for March 2014 Order quickly unless your waiting for the Kato one like me ;-)
  7. Another one tonight, topic is shinkansen. This special is only one hour. Fuji TV 19:00~19.57.
  8. Heads up to forum members in Japan- tomorrow (Sat Nov.9) TV Asahi will broadcast a two hour special of their "Onegai Ranking Gold" quiz/information show- the topic will be the Shinkansen and buses (I assume Tokyo Municipal "Toei"). Oddly, the TV Asahi HP for this program shows no such episode information, but I saw the commercial for this program tonight, just before the Japan-Taiwan baseball game. Blog post: http://heiseitv.seesaa.net/article/379692981.html
  9. Once again, a two hour quiz/information show will air this evening (Saturday) on Fuji TV from 7pm. The subject will be shinkansen and subways. There should be a few good segments in it, if past episodes are considered- "behind the scenes" maintenance of E6 shinkansen trainsets, delivery of new Tokyo Metro rolling stock, etc. preview clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ms7-iUsoolk&list=PLh4aJSJaObrZ0eMg4lpw_rgfvyInTHPKA *I viewed an interview with the producer of this program, and he mentioned a segment about the 20 year interval comprehensive inspection/maintenance of subway t
  10. Some shots of intermediate cars. Second shot has one car sandwiched between a JR Hokkaido 733 series and a foreign-bound trainset. http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/superhakuto7000hot/10267038.html The E7 is tentatively due to debut sometime this autumn.
  11. So I'm pruning my YT subscriptions, and of course I'm still subscribing to RailKingJP's channel, but I thought I'd check out a few of his more recent videos. In this installment, he stands just below a bridge that carries the Tokaido Shinkansen over the Sagami River. Looks risky. location of bridge: https://maps.google.co.jp/maps?hl=ja&ll=35.390926,139.373937&spn=0.003582,0.005381&t=h&z=18&brcurrent=3,0x6019ab4b1a823665:0xd50a2e859d1939a1,1
  12. A friend of mine is going to Japan this fall and wants to ride a couple reserved legs on his Japan Rail Pass (he's considering "Going Green"). I had an ordinary pass and went in Jiyuseki on Tokaido/Sanyo Shinkansen when I was in Japan as an adult, so I don't remember much of doing the whole reservations thing at the ticket office. But my friend will need to for his green car reservations. My friend doesn't know much Japanese, but I see that JR East now has English-Speaking ticket offices at Narita. Do you know if the JR East ticket office can do reservations for other JR group trains
  13. JR East has moved a 200 series end car from Niigata Shinkansen Depot to the Niitsu Railway Museum in the Akiha ward of Niigata City. It may be 221-1510, but I'm not sure. Wikipedia says that the existing 200 series cab section outside of the building is actually a mockup. Niigata news: http://www.niigata-nippo.co.jp/news/national/20130527045217.html Wikipedia link on the museum: http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E6%96%B0%E6%BD%9F%E5%B8%82%E6%96%B0%E6%B4%A5%E9%89%84%E9%81%93%E8%B3%87%E6%96%99%E9%A4%A8
  14. I'm a bit baffled as I've got two sets of Series 500 Shinkansens, both Kato and both with the same set number (10-382). However, they have different coloured headlights - one set with amber headlights and one set with blue headlights. The packaging is also different between the two. I've been trying to find out some more information but I haven't been able to find anything that indicates the set was released in two different versions. The only thing I can think off is that the version with the blue headlights is a re-release of the original set with the modification of the headlight colour
  15. http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/asia/story/high-speed-bullet-train-derails-japan-media-20130302 *note: the line where the derailment occured is the stretch of 130km/h line w/grade crossings, not a "high speed" line. The train was running at restricted speed of 20km/h due to the weather conditions. This the first derailment on the Akita Shinkansen since it was opened. Northern Japan is currently being hit with a winter storm holding typhoon strength winds- just a few minutes ago I was almost bowled over by a gust while trying to walk over icy sidewalks.
  16. Have a broken motor car from the N700 Series Shinkansen Bullet Train "Nozomi", any ideas where I can send it to repair ?
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