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  2. Pauljag900

    Red River Station.

    Last few bits for the station area arrived,two buildings,burger bar complete with waitresses😂railings and fountain.The railings and fountain will also serve to strengthen the base plates.
  3. bill937ca

    track diagram freaks

    For those who want to study Japanese track patterns you have another source of wiring diagrams. Includes JR, major private railways, some local private railways, subways, main depots and freight stations. JR, Private Railways, Subways https://www.haisenryakuzu.net/documents/pr/ Main depot / freight station index https://www.haisenryakuzu.net/documents/
  4. Today
  5. yakumo381

    EF66-104 going for scrap

    Apparently DD51-895 is still extant and earning its keep with ballast trains:
  6. Yes, you have to run the game with the image mounted, in other workds, you have to start the game by clicking on the .ISO, and the launcher will automatically open. This is because older games like DDG need both to be installed and the CD inserted to work.
  7. Lawrence

    Tool Organizers?

    For small hand tools that are made from ferrous metals, have you considered self adhesive magnetic strips?
  8. Martijn Meerts

    Gundam Parts

    Yeah, Bandai does allow you to buy single runners from kits, but they don't send them out for free. Price of the runners depends on the size of the kit and runner themselves, but they're at least a couple hundred yen in most cases. I'd definitely look into just getting a whole new kit, and pick it up as part of a bigger order. Depending on the parts, you may even need more than 1 runner, combine that with shipping and import tax, and you'll be paying as much if not more than a new kit. Just out of curiosity, which kit is it? I do enjoy building Gundam kits myself as well 🙂
  9. cteno4

    Gundam Parts

    I kind of doubt bandai does this for free and the shipping in japan then plus shipping oversea is going to be way past 1000¥ even if someone would do this for free. Can’t expect bandai to send parts out for free if lost or damaged by the user. jeff
  10. Martijn Meerts

    Trying T-Trak

    Welcome to the "lots-of-ideas-no-time-to-do-them-all-but-still-going-to-try" club 😄
  11. roadstar_na6

    Gundam Parts

    HLJ for example does it but only if you bought the kit through them 😞 Yeah you‘re probably right there but since the whole kit itself is less than ¥1000 and it‘s still widely available and with fees for businesses I‘ll rack up a lot very quick. I guess I‘ll just order another one with one or my next orders and then try to sell the rest again for a small amount as it‘s only some additional parts that are missing. Thanks for your input nonetheless.
  12. cteno4

    Light Flicker 2

    So looking at this carefully it’s odd as they put the resistor before the bridge rectifier so you can’t wire the cap in before the resistor and can only wire it to the le directly. I’m assuming the 6 lead chip is a bridge rectifier that just has 2 leads doubled up to do a half bridge if needed. Anyone know for sure what the chip is for sure? Resistor value is spot on for 12v max onnthe led so I assume it’s not some sort of current regulating chip but maybe it is as the current regulating Chips usually use a resistor to set the current out. for the polarity you need to look at the back of the led to figure out the polarity of the led to match the cap to that. you can figure it out empirically by wiring one on a lead and then applying power to the board. If it works and doesn’t go pop! After a few minutes and dims slowly when power is removed then you got it right. If the cap goes pop or the led goes right off when you turn off the power then you got it wrong! jeff
  13. Cat

    Trying T-Trak

    Ask miniatures gamers about their lead mountain sometime...
  14. cteno4

    Trying T-Trak

    No inobu, not pathetic, you’re just a busy boy with lots of projects! Many of us do this (embarrassed smirk here). Enjoy the hobby and don’t worry about this! jeff
  15. It's a relatively light set of rules, by miniature gaming standards. Seems more complicated than that because in grand home-brewed rules tradition, Twig's early drafts are really in outline form, and it helps to have a gamemaster who knows what's going on. I had to get a few clarifications from Twig before I could really start running games. I have the fuller written version with much more English language applied in progress. There is dicing involved. At the start of the turn, players dice for initiative. The team with the initiative can choose to move first or second and also have the last move. Teams take turns moving inidvidual tanks or formations. Players just choose how far they wish to move, up to the limit for each type of tank. Stationary tanks may interrupt an opponent's move to take a snapshot, but at a dice penalty to hit. Otherwise, after all tanks have moved, then normal shooting commences. Shooting starts with the team that won the initiative and alternates between teams: the tanks with the Best Loader crew member shirt first, then all the tanks with Light Guns, then Medium, etc., and the tanks with the Worst Loader crew member shoot last. The dice roll to hit a target is determined by caliber of gun compared to thickness of armour, with the dice roll modified for range and a few other factors. The show really stresses how important loading times are. Lighter shells are easier to load and thus generally fire first. This gives teams with lighter tanks a reasonable fighting chance against teams with heavier tanks if they can maneuver well to establish good positions. Lots of maneuvering into position going on in this battle from Huzzah 2017:
  16. I tried running Professional after dismounting the drive, but it wouldn't open. Does this mean I have to run the game with the image mounted?
  17. gavino200

    People’s Republic of China N Scale trains

    I see the new version is for sale on Hobby Search. It's actually called "improved version". This bugs me a little. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10697916 I think I'll put mine on ebay and buy this if it sells.
  18. cteno4

    Gundam Parts

    Nariichi San at Modeltrainplus.net use to do some personal shopping/shipping for stuff like this for a small fee. Also some of the auction services can purchase and receive goods from business outside of the auctions. Might check with some of them, we have a thread on those services. cheers jeff
  19. I have had the same experience with the sensors factory-built into the 70mm straight pieces (Tomix #5559) being somewhat unreliable. I have actually found the slide-in sensors (#5558), that go in where the power connector does on any regular curve or straight track piece designed for them (not the really short filler straight pieces under 70mm), are more reliable in contacting the passing wheel flanges. You just have to make sure that they are inserted correctly (the long prong angling up high enough) and inserted completely. It seems counter-intuitive that a user-inserted sensor works better than a factory-built unit. The#5558 are also more flexible on where you can place them, for example in curved track pieces. I know that, using Tomix Wide Track, you cannot use these, so I am just mentioning it here for the record. Welcome to the "Two ND-100 Club"! Rich K.
  20. Those rules look really complicated. But how does it all work. Do you though dice or something, to decide what happens when you make a move?
  21. Kiha66

    Gundam Parts

    Hey Jan, I'm not very familiar with gundam myself, but it may be worth reaching out to some sellers in japan to see if they can get the parts for you. I'm sure there must be some shops out there that would be willing to do so for a small fee. I know some users on the forum have done similar for train parts in the past. Sam
  22. JR 500系

    The Next Console City (on Tables)

    This is amazing work! Thanks for sharing! I like the idea of using the old game cartridges as sort of a retaining wall, and they do look like those!
  23. Well yes, at this point it's the only customer base of people actually able to travel in Japan.
  24. Kiha66

    Trying T-Trak

    I know that feeling, I have a few abandoned project threads on here myself... I should try to find the pieces and finish at least a few of them.
  25. Yesterday
  26. Wow! This looks like it will be a very interesting episode!
  27. bobbodaclown

    new NHK World show: Japan Railway Journal

    New Episode! Securing the Future of Japan's Local Railways June 5, 2020 Across Japan there are 95 local railways, many of which are now struggling to survive. The ageing population, a declining birth rate, an increase in motorists and the poor financial situation of local governments has made things difficult for the railway industry. In addition, the impact of the corona-virus is taking its toll. Now, local railways are reexamining the significance of their role in local communities, and how best to work with these communities and local governments to ensure their survival. Join us as we take a look at case studies from previous episodes, and talk to a researcher from a major think tank that has been researching ways to improve local railways nationwide.
  28. Good evening everyone, This may be an unusual request specifically aimed at users located in Japan. My girlfriend recently moved house and apparently her mother god rid of a Gundam Box which still had some parts in it. I‘ve done a bit of googl‘ing and unfortunately Bandai only sends out replacement parts out to Japanese addresses. Does anyone of you Japanese locals have experience with their service and could be able to ask them for the parts that went missing? Thanks in advance! Regards, Jan
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